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News Releases

Faith Technologies Announces New Location for Tulsa, Okla. Office

Tulsa, Olka. (Aug. 15, 2012) – On Aug. 20, Faith Technologies’ Tulsa office will relocate to 5358 S. 125 East Ave., Suite A in Tulsa. The full-service electrical and specialty systems contractor has had presence in Tulsa since 2009 and was previously located at 171 S. 122 East Ave. in Tulsa. The phone and fax numbers, as well as the bill-to address, will remain the same.

Faith Technologies’ Tulsa location supports the culture and arts capital of Oklahoma. Its Tulsa electrical team specializes in serving the commercial, industrial, institutional, data and security systems markets. Two top area projects include the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Jenks, Okla. and ONEOK Field in Tulsa, Okla.