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News Releases

Faith Technologies Celebrates Employees with Leadership Potential at Annual HiPo Event

Faith Employees From Across the Country Invited to Cultivate Leadership Skills

Menasha, Wis. (Feb. 21, 2017) – Nearly 150 employees from all branches of Faith Technologies, a leading electrical, engineering and technology systems contractor, attended the annual High Potential (HiPo) event last month, at which they learned and developed leadership skills to grow within the company.

Faith employees who exhibit high potential to become leaders within the organization are identified and nominated by their leaders to participate in the HiPo program and attend the annual HiPo event. This year’s HiPo event focused on leadership and emotional intelligence.

“The purpose of the HiPo event is to invest in the development of our employees in order to create a pool of leadership candidates who are interested, ready and able to be promoted into leadership and senior leadership roles,” Tricia Clausen, talent development manager at Faith Technologies, said. “Strategically, this program is instrumental in our ability to lead the operations of the organization effectively as we continue to grow.”

The HiPo Selection Committee reviews all nominations and extends formal invitations to Faith Technologies employees based on a program nomination form, questionnaire, past accomplishments, trainings and certifications, and an interest in the program.

In addition to discussions and workshops surrounding the relationship between leadership and emotional intelligence, Faith employees who attended the HiPo event discussed company financials and safety highlights.

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