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News Releases

Faith Technologies Updates Exterior Lighting at 32 Bergstrom Automotive Sites Across Wisconsin

Menasha, Wis. (July 16, 2018) – Faith Technologies, a leading electrical, engineering, design and installations contractor, upgraded exterior lighting at 32 Bergstrom Automotive sites across Wisconsin.

Faith Technologies, in partnership with Walsh Long & Company, Inc. and LSI Automotive, worked to program and install 840 light poles and more than 1,800 LED fixtures at Bergstrom locations throughout the state. The new lighting system was designed with state-of-the-art controls; each light can be regulated individually via a web app. With the use of motion sensors, each pole can also be dimmed during late-night hours and brighten to 100 percent when there is traffic after hours.

“With our design and implementation, Bergstrom was able to improve their energy efficiency and save $550,000 annually,” Matt Sabee, Director of Technology Solutions at Faith Technologies, said. “Our team was also able to compress the project time table by more than 40 percent without any safety incidents.”

Faith utilized its Excellerate manufacturing services for 44 percent of its off-site labor. The use of these services provided efficiencies in the project schedule along with a lower impact on the customer. The light poles were assembled in a controlled, off-site prefabrication environment which allowed Faith to minimize logistical disruptions on the sites.