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News Releases

Faith Technologies Partners with JE Dunn, Cordish Companies on Power and Light District Project

High-rise Luxury Apartment Building Built Using Cost-Saving Solutions

Kansas City, Mo. (Dec. 27, 2018) – Faith Technologies, an energy expert and national leader in electrical planning, engineering, design and installation, partnered with JE Dunn and Cordish Companies on Two Light, the second of three luxury downtown high-rise apartments. The Two Light Luxury Apartments are part of a series of construction projects in the downtown Kansas City Power and Light District aimed at delivering luxury living “beyond expectations.”

Upon completion of the first structure, JE Dunn saw an opportunity to bring on an experienced electrical partner for the Two Light Luxury Apartments project. Faith Technologies was able to identify time- and cost-saving opportunities and leveraged the company’s preconstruction planning, Excellerate Manufacturing, and a nationwide team of experts.

“We would not have been as successful without the knowledge, experience and dedication Faith Technologies brought to the table,” Jaymie Bullard, JE Dunn project manager, said. “Through this partnership and leveraging Excellerate, we were able to reduce labor costs, cut waste, increase safety throughout the project, reduce subcontractor costs and avoid congestion at the site.”

Faith’s experience in building high-rise structures across the country made a huge impact on the success of this project. Tools such as a labor tracking matrix and a turnkey proposal (rather than bidding strictly for cost) allowed for implementation of best practices for scheduling and resources, driving on-time project delivery.