Faith Technologies is committed to performing as efficiently and safely as possible in order to return cost and time savings to you, the project owner. Our Design-Build delivery method allows us to do just that by combining the design and execution of a project under one comprehensive contract.

This eliminates the hassle of working with multiple vendors and getting additional project contacts up to speed – all while providing you with more control of daily operations.

By serving as the architect, designer, and builder, Faith Technologies provides you with a single-source of responsibility to drive efficiencies throughout the project.

  • A legacy of experience designing and building; we are one of the industry’s earliest implementers of Design-Build
  • A designated department consisting of licensed engineers, designers, and CAD technicians
  • Process spans from conceptual drawings and preliminary budgeting, to detailed CAD drawings and project management
  • We handle all project coordination – from managing mechanical and plumbing teams to coordinating with power companies and equipment vendors
  • Increases reliability of operating margins through greater project control
  • Maximizes collaboration and job site efficiencies
  • Minimizes downtime and miscommunications

If you’ve already received your drawings and require additional strategic guidance, Faith Technologies also offers Design-Assist services where we review your plans and make suggestions that will help steer the project toward success.

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