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2015 NFPA 70E Code Release: What Stands Out Most To You?

The 2015 NFPA 70E code was released in August 2014, and as expected, updates and changes were made.

One key change that stood out to me was the complete removal of Category 0. I was surprised to find that arc flash protection is no longer required for anything under 1.2 Cal/cm2. We still need to protect our employees, so here at Faith Technologies, we will continue wear naturally fiber garments when working on Category 0.

Another key change to the NFPA 70E code is for training and verification, and documentation of training (Article 110.2). The 2015 NFPA 70E code requires evidence of the content of your training, and has added a dedicated section on first aid, emergency response, and resuscitation. One section that stands out to me is the “Release of Victim’s from Contact.” This states that any exposed employees need to be trained and recertified annually.

Other requirements have stayed the same, including the requirement for proper verification of a de-energized state. This includes a consideration for allowing only qualified professionals to work/test on “live” circuits, as well as requiring the proper documentation before working on live circuits or circuit parts. This new emphasis demonstrates OSHA’s commitment to increasing the safety of “live” state work, which is great to see, as more and more companies are prioritizing safety over profit.

There are more small changes to the NFPA code, but I just highlighted a few. Feel free to comment on your thoughts on the changes – big or small – and give OSHA a reason to walk in and say hi.