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Company Websites Continue to Offer Value

I have seen and heard debate on the effectiveness of websites for companies in the construction industry, and with new technologies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, often wonder if a company’s website is still needed. After reviewing my own company website’s activity, I’m now reassured of how vitally important it is.

Over the past 12 months, Faith Technologies has received several leads and inquiries via our company website. For years we have used Google Analytics to track how many people are coming to our site and where they are going. While the information is useful, it doesn’t tell us how effective our website is, so I began asking some of our clients and prospects what about our website led them to consider our organization. Essentially what I have heard has fallen into one or more of these three categories:

  • What services do you perform? When a prospect ventures to a search engine (e.g. Google), to find information about a company, they have a specific need. They want to be able to find information as soon as possible, and obtain enough information to immediately determine if you are credible.
  • What markets do you REALLY have experience in? In the construction industry, it is critical you have substantial project experience in the type of building the prospect needs. If it’s a hospital, they want someone who understands the critical nature of working inside of an operating healthcare facility. If it’s a manufacturing facility, they want to know that you have a thorough understanding of the wiring methods necessary to keep their facility safe and functional.
  • Is your company the right size to do what I need you to do? Companies can be too small or too large to complete a given project. A multi-site prospect with locations throughout the United States, for example, wants to know a company has the similarly aligned resources to complete their project.

With more than $50 million worth of opportunities presented to us directly through our website over the past 12 months, a properly designed website can most definitely have an impact on your business. The key is taking a step back and designing it to meet the needs of what your client is looking for – not what you want to tell them about.