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Faith Technologies’ Annual High-Potential Event

2014 HiPo EventSeptember 10-12 marked the dates of Faith Technologies’ annual High-Potential Event at Camp Onaway in Waupaca, WI. This annual event serves as the official kickoff to participation in the company’s two High Potential Programs:

  • SEMA (Selection, Education, Mentoring, and Accountability): A development program for employees who demonstrate high potential for becoming general superintendents, project managers, or director-level employees in the organization within the next three years.
  • Top Gun: A development program for apprentices entering their final year, journeymen, and office employees who demonstrate high potential for becoming leaders in the organization within the next three years.

As I referenced in one of my previous blogs, Four Reasons to Invest in a High Potential Program, the purpose of Faith Technologies’ High-Potential Program is to invest in the development of employees to create a talent pool for effective succession planning and organizational growth. By participating in these programs, the company is provided a pool of candidates who are interested, ready, and able to be promoted into leadership roles as they become available.

This year, Faith Technologies had a total of 100 employees at the kickoff event, 70 of which were new to the programs. Focusing on the theme of “Values-Aligned Leadership,” participants engaged in several activities and discussions that helped them learn how to align their personal leadership behavior and everyday decisions with the company’s vision, mission, and values statements. Additionally, keynote speaker Matt Jones inspired the group by reiterating the importance of values-aligned leadership in his How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Leadership Excellence presentation.

Perhaps the greatest highlight from this year’s event, however, was our Executive Leadership Panel. With representation from our entire executive team, participants were provided an opportunity to hear senior leaders’ ideas and personal views on specific topics related to their experience with the company and their respective leadership roles. As one participant articulated, “This was one of the best parts of the event. It was really inspirational to hear and see the sincere support we have from the group, and their willingness to invest a great deal in each employee to make Faith better as a whole.”

Does your organization identify and invest in its high-potential talent? If so, take advantage of the opportunities available to you by talking to your leaders about your future career goals. Prepare yourself for success by determining what action steps are needed to be considered for any elite development programs available to you.