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Faith Technologies Joins OSHA, Project Partners in National Safety Stand-Down

Faith Technologies has a keen focus on safety; it’s the first of our core values, and it’s at the forefront of every job we work on. As part of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down, Faith is participating with Hoar Construction in a special Safety Week program, taking place May 6 – 10 at the Rio Bravo jobsite in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Hoar team brought together the safety managers and project managers from all the trades to prepare for the week, with the theme being “The 5 Red Flags of Safety.” Each trade has been assigned a day to present on one of the five red flags. These red flags, or accident precursors, can be viewed as situations that have some ingredients that could lead to undesirable outcomes. Recognizing these precursors before they lead to undesirable outcomes is critical; they are:

  1. Being in a Hurry – There is a distinct difference between working diligently and efficiently in an effort to drive productivity versus rushing through a task due to a lack of resources or time. We focus on the things that are within our control and do not let external forces deter us from working in a safe and deliberate manner.
  2. Personnel Changes – Our project teams work together with workforce management to effectively forecast the appropriate manpower needed onsite throughout the project life cycle. We also ensure that every new team member, from project manager to helper, is assigned a mentor and is enrolled in Faith’s Short Service Employee (SSE) program. By identifying these employees with blue hard hats, we draw attention to the fact that they are in newer environments and therefore more at risk of injury. After six months on the job, if the employee’s mentor confirms that the employee has demonstrated competency in their role, proper PPE use and safety, only then will they receive their white hard hat. By monitoring the SSE program and engaging our team members, we manage risk and eliminate hazards.
  3. Breakdown of Communication – The importance of effective and clear communication between all members of any team cannot be emphasized enough. On an organizational level, all Faith employees take part in a monthly meeting during which the leadership team is able to broadcast pertinent information to the entire company. On a project level, we conduct weekly operations meetings, as well as weekly detailing meetings with our VDC department. By utilizing all forms of communication, we mitigate risk by ensuring that information is disseminated to all team members.
  4. Deviating from a Plan – A failure to plan is a plan to fail. In the world of construction, it is well known that planning is the most critical part of any trade’s ability to deliver. Faith is no different in that our project teams integrate all necessary departments including safety, engineering, VDC, pre-fabrication and manufacturing, project controls and productivity to develop a plan to succeed. Any deviation from that plan puts our team and the job at risk, both physically and financially.
  5. Improper Use or Lack of Equipment – By ensuring that all new employees obtain all the tools necessary to perform their work (required tool list for every Faith electrician), we maximize our productivity and eliminate situations in which we are unprepared. This also includes mentors engaging with our SSE team members to verify proficiency with those tools. When additional rental equipment is needed, our team ensures that required tools reach the job site in proper working condition at the time they are needed. Other safety measures are enforced on all job sites, such as Faith’s “Ladders Last” initiative, which highlights the importance of working off of lifts instead of ladders whenever possible.

We appreciate and look forward to teaming with other organizations during Safety Stand-Down Week to share what systems and processes we have put in place to mitigate the risks and hazards associated with each red flag. Together, we can help spark the imagination of others to develop new and better ideas on how to work safely. Our safety culture is a foundation upon which we strive to continually improve.