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How To Get More Out of Your People

I Love My JobIn the world of human capital, engagement metrics aren’t easy to come by, but at Faith Technologies, we are working hard to learn more about the resource that’s most important to our success – our employees.

Connecting with employees today is critical. If you follow the latest economic data and number of job openings available, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s March 2015 LINE Report, you are painfully aware that recruiting difficulty is up; along with compensation and the number of job openings. (This makes us who work on the human capital side of the business lay awake at night!)

Working for a company whose employees are primarily skilled tradespeople, this is obviously challenging. With more than 300 openings across the U.S., one of Faith Technologies biggest challenges is getting qualified people in the door. With so many choices of employment out there, sometimes this is not an easy feat.

Even with industry-leading compensation and benefits, in order to keep employees, we realize employee talent hinges on employee engagement. Unfortunately according to research through Gallup, 70% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged, which creates a higher risk for employee turnover.

One way to increase engagement is by connection. With the current labor shortage, and with trends only forecasting them to get worse over time, this year we are strategically focused on employee communication and enhanced quality of life for all employees. This theme is being carried through everything we’re doing. In addition to offering employee incentives and enhancing our recruitment models; below are a few other touch points Faith Technologies is undergoing:

  • Monthly CEO Meetings: Each month we’re hosting conference calls and web meetings with our CEO and other leadership team members. During these, employees companywide are able to dial in and connect at the same time. We are only in our fourth month of these calls, and we are learning a lot! Employees are given the opportunity to ask questions with a completely open forum for dialogue. There is also a custom e-mail address set up where any questions or concerns from those meetings are immediately followed up on and addressed, as well.
  • Annual Performance Appraisal Reviews: Our annual performance appraisal process is currently underway, and focused on individual goal-setting and career-pathing for each of our employees.
  • Mentoring Programs: Mentoring is a big focus for us, and we have a formal mentoring program in place for new hires, and a high potential mentoring program for developing top talent within our organization.

If you are an employer, are you connecting with your employees enough? Are they engaged? What can you do to make sure you remain focused on your talent and keep them engaged? Please share in the comments section below!