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How to Stay on Top of Your Professional Game When the Rules Are Always Changing

2014 NECI recently completed 16 hours of continuing education units (CEU’s) for the new 2014 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70 (National Electrical Code (NEC)). After I left the classroom, I have to admit – my head was spinning. The class, presented by Mr. Steve Owen from “National Code Seminars,” was very informative and engaging; yet with all the new material – very overwhelming. As an electrician and technical trainer myself, it then hit me – how can I stay on top of my “professional game?”

The NEC is updated every three years, and according to NFPA, there were 3,745 proposals submitted recommending changes for the latest 2014 NEC. Additionally, there were 1,625 comments concerning the NEC Code-Making Panels’ responses to these proposals. Granted, these aren’t changes to the hard and fast rules that electricians build their foundation of knowledge from; Ohm’s Law is still Ohm’s Law, and Gustav Kirchoff still has it figured out about voltage and current. 

But how has the NEC changed because of these 3,745 submitted proposals? How about how the professional electrician installs these systems! Keeping up with electrical industry trends and new products is hard enough by itself, but when you add in the new or changed code rules about how electricians perform their work safely, it can be mind-boggling, and intimidating.

To prepare our electricians for this ever-changing career, Faith Technologies offers multiple training opportunities to help employees stay on top of their “professional game.” Some areas of training include: Apprenticeship Institute; safety; trade-related courses, including NEC updates, and electrical exam preparation. Faith Technologies also offers tuition reimbursement for professional development opportunities beyond what is offered internally.

My colleagues and I strive to stay on top of our “professional game.” Our instructors are constantly preparing and learning about updates, honing our craft, and getting into the field whenever possible. We are committed to providing the proper training and information to the electricians and apprentices, whether it is the newest updates to the NEC, NFPA 70E, or manufacturer-specific training for a new product or system. How are you staying on top of your professional game?