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Integrity in Construction

At Faith Technologies, one of our four core values is to “build trust in everything we do.” Trust is the foundation of every meaningful relationship – both professionally and personally – and starts building the moment you meet someone.

So how do you build trust in construction? During early phone conversations and meetings are a great place to start. While introducing yourself or your company, speak truthfully about your capabilities. Those you’re talking to want to know what your competencies are and how you’ll be able to deliver their project successfully. Being transparent and having the integrity to walk away from a project that doesn’t fit your company’s abilities is important. Clients respect this type of honesty and will most likely reach back out to your company for projects that fit your capabilities.

The pricing of projects is another important piece to our world in construction. If a client is unable to trust you or your company, why would they trust that you’re providing fair pricing or an accurate scope of work? Clients understand that construction and service companies are in business to make a profit, but they don’t want to overpay for the services that they are receiving. The price paid for a project needs to meet the value that is delivered; otherwise the client will start to lose trust with the company providing the services.

Empathy and understanding also go a long way in building trust and showing integrity. We are all human, and all of us will at some point in our careers have a bad day, forget about a task or make a mistake. It’s at this point that trust and integrity start to erode if we don’t take responsibility for these things. Putting aside our own personal goals and focusing on assisting others with their challenges will continue to build that trust and integrity. We all have the ability to make another person’s day better or worse by our interactions with them. The successful people in construction and in life strive to make someone else’s day better through their interactions and support. When we only focus on our own internal issues or gains, others see that and lose interest in continuing to collaborate.

In the end, people and companies with integrity and trust will stand the test of time. Others may come in and get a project or an opportunity, but they will soon miss out on new opportunities when others realize that they are committed only to themselves or their own company.

In order to be successful in life and business, we need to help those around us to be successful. That’s a core value at Faith Technologies that we strive to achieve each day.