Matt Sabee

Field Commissioning Operations Leader

As Field Commissioning Operations Leader, Matt is responsible for the overall management of Field Solutions services including electrical, arc flash, predictive maintenance, and mission critical services. He provides leadership, coordination and communication to develop master service agreements and total solutions for our strategic customers. Matt enjoys working with clients to understand what their true business needs are, educating them on the solutions that Faith is able to provide in order to help their businesses succeed.

Matt has been with Faith Technologies since 1998, beginning as a journeyman electrician. He held positions as ERM technician, service project manager and mission critical group manager before being promoted to director of technology solutions, then to his current role as director of power solutions. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with family, playing volleyball, and the outdoors.


November 3, 2022

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April 17, 2019

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CO Detector Placement

April 14, 2011

Carbon Monoxide Detection

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