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It’s About Confidence. Yours.

Bruce SpringsteenKind of a catchy tagline, isn’t it? It fits nicely on a business card. It looks good on marketing materials. It’s also an accurate statement as to how we at Faith Technologies build our business.

How do we use one message to reach a multitude of clients? How exactly do we deliver confidence? Do we really know what it means? Confidence is defined as “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.” True enough, but what do our clients need to rely on? Is it knowledge? Is it experience? Is it talent? Is it commitment to them as our client?

One message can be received differently by each client. Our challenge is to make sure that single message hits home with each customer on an individual level.

I read a blog post where Bruce Springsteen fans were commenting on his song “The River.” There were hundreds of them, each with their own theory on the lyrics’ message. How could a song with a single set of lyrics have so many different meanings to so many different people? And here’s the enlightening part: it was crystal clear that although the song had a different message for each fan, each fan really loved the song. One set of lyrics, hundreds of different interpretations, yet still a message everyone loved.  I asked myself, how does one accomplish this?

Springsteen has enjoyed a performer and fan relationship dating back to the 1970’s. I’ve been a fan myself since 1976 because he understands his fan base and what they expect. His live shows are legendary, and you can feel the effort and energy put forth in each performance. His connection to his fans is durable, sustaining, and allows for mistakes. Have you ever tried listening to the Nebraska album? I can’t do it, but I keep coming back because the overall body of work has earned my loyalty.

Our tagline of confidence is simply a tagline unless we tirelessly work towards achieving sustained client relationships. Understanding our clients and their individual needs is only the beginning. Consistently delivering on those individual needs is the key to earning our customer’s loyalty. From business development, to project management, to field staff, we must all be engaged as a team to ensure our customers know how important they are to us.

I leave you with a few questions.

  • How are you delivering your business’s message?
  • Have you earned your customer’s loyalty?
  • If you put out your Nebraska album, will your customer still buy your music?
  • If you don’t know these answers, your clients do. Why don’t you ask them?