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New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year 2015Happy New Year! Were you part of the 45% of Americans that made a New Year’s resolution? According to Statistics Brain, only 8% are successful in achieving our resolutions each year, and the majorities are for self-improvement or education-related goals. Whether the resolution you made was to advance in your current career or look for a new opportunity; rest-assure finding the right job can make all the difference.

It is essential you like and excel at the tasks of your job. Making sure its environment, company culture, schedule, etc. are a good fit is important, and a recent article in America’s Job Exchange encourages us to realize where our strengths (and weaknesses) are, and to use those to our advantage, as well.

If you’re seeking a new career opportunity, remember you’re not the only one looking at job fit during an interview process; potential employers are too. At Faith Technologies, we welcome the questions candidates have relevant to our culture and benefits. To us, it demonstrates they are not just interested in the tasks associated with the job opening; it shows that they want to make sure the job they’re applying for is the right long-term fit for their career.

Faith Technologies has a welcoming and learning culture. We value the diversity of each new hire – what they can bring to the table to not only enrich the programs we already have in place, but additionally – what they bring to the table to help their career, and the company, grow. We are a unique company in that we not only care about the performance of our company as a whole, but also our individual employees and their families. Evidence of this is provided in our wellness program and initiatives, as well our incentive programs. Faith Technologies offers competitive insurance coverage, 401k participation with a match, and multiple learning opportunities for our employees (internal training programs and tuition reimbursement just to name a few).

When all of the pieces of the job fit puzzle align, the result is a picture that is beautiful for you and your employer – the right job fit. So, Happy New Year! Whatever your resolution is for 2015, I wish you success in achieving it, and the very best in joining the somewhat elusive 8% that have frequent success in achieving their resolution.