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Not Your Average Daily Grind

InternshipDoes the word internship conjure up images of serving coffee, filing endless paperwork, and running mindless errands? It doesn’t have to be that way, and at Faith Technologies, it’s anything but that. As a growing electrical contractor looking to develop talent, we are committed to providing practical work experience and hands-on business perspective that prepares interns for a future career. Here are four reasons why Faith Technologies’ internship program is worthwhile:

  • It provides actual industry experience. At the start of the internship, the intern is assigned a work plan that is comprised of a diverse series of task assignments designed to provide the intern with a broad understanding of what it is like to work for an electrical contractor. Some examples include conducting job site tours with safety and project management personnel, assisting in a job trailer, and working on construction drawings. No coffee runs here!
  • It offers opportunities to engage with industry leaders. Whether it is interacting with leaders over lunch during their Internship Orientation session, on the job site as they are working through a given assignment, or as they receive feedback on their final presentations where they have to analyze a business problem, interns are given several opportunities to engage with industry leaders. This not only allows the students to build industry knowledge, but it also gives them an opportunity to make professional contacts – contacts they will benefit from as they enter the workforce.
  • It gives participants competitive advantage. Because participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply classroom knowledge and to strengthen their professional work habits with actual hands-on industry experience, they gain a competitive advantage over other students with limited practical experience. That competitive advantage often results in more opportunities for full-time employment following graduation.
  • It’s fun! While participants in the program are expected to work hard and learn practical work skills, they also have fun doing it. Whether it is attending their branch’s summer picnic, conducting job site tours, or attending their farewell reception at the end of the internship, they are given the opportunity to bond with fellow interns, as well as others within the organization.

Are you a construction management or engineering major interested in a career with a growing electrical contractor or know of someone who is? Visit our company’s website career page and see for yourself why our internship program is not your average daily grind.