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NPG Week: An Investment in Employee Development

NPG Logo - High Res - croppedIn response to our traveling employees’ schedules and training needs, Faith Technologies held its third annual National Projects Group (NPG) Training Week in Kansas earlier this month. This event is held twice a year (once in Wisconsin and once in Kansas), so that those employees who are unable to attend the necessary courses throughout the year can set aside this time to take advantage of as many course offerings as needed over the duration of one week.

This year’s event once again proved to be a success. With 18 course offerings to choose from at multiple times, we had over 130 participants – 84 of which are NPG members – take part in the event and attend multiple courses throughout the week. While the majority of participants were from our Kansas location, we also had representation from Faith Technologies’ Appleton, Atlanta, Green Bay, Madison, Minneapolis, Springfield, Stevens Point, and Tulsa branch locations.

Why would a company put so many resources toward coordinating an event of this magnitude every year? As the last three years have proven, it is a cost-effective method of providing training that is essential for employees’ job roles, and one that also allows for fewer interruptions to the job site, since there is less traveling to and from classes. The result: increased productivity and profitability.

It is also a clear indicator of Faith Technologies’ investment in employee development. The company realizes that employee training not only sends a message to employees that it values and is committed to its workforce, it is essential to an organization’s success. After all, as I indicated in one of my previous blogs, Three Reasons to Invest in Employee Development, having a skilled and knowledgeable workforce will be the driving factor in continuing to build a strong company focused on profitable growth. And that, alone, makes NPG Week and employee training a worthwhile investment.