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Plan Your Perfect Career

CareerSummer is here again, along with all the fun activities that come with it. One that everyone always thinks of is the time-held tradition of a vacation. Who doesn’t love a vacation? That being said, having a great vacation requires planning to make sure everything goes as planned (or as close to as-planned, as possible.) If everyone applied that same planning process to other aspects of his or her life – for example, his or her professional life – think of the differences that would result. Additionally, if every company offered career path information and encouraged employee career exploration – wouldn’t you want to work with a company like that? 

Faith Technologies is a company like that. During the seven years I have been with the company, it has grown and evolved in multiple ways. Our headcount has increased by 26 percent since then, and we have strategically planned for this growth by implementing several programs to locate and grow external and internal talent.

Prime examples include our high school recruitment and co-op programs (see my previous article, “Excuse Me, This Seat is Taken”) and our employee referral program – we have hired 58 employee referrals this year alone! Another source of talent our current employees are pursuing is new roles on the team. Faith Technologies considers internal candidates for all roles prior to opening the roles to external candidates. Additionally, former employees and referred individuals are also given preference. 

I recently read an article by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), that states that “very few organizations (16 percent) widely communicate their promotional policies for recruitment or employee retention, according to a 2012 WorldatWork survey report, Promotional Guidelines.” Our company believes in sharing information with employees, and current employment opportunities are an example of this. All employees are e-mailed new openings every week to keep them informed. Career paths for several roles within Faith Technologies are available on our company Intranet, as well as shared in an onboarding class with all new hires 60-90 days after their date of hire. In addition, we offer the opportunity for employees to share their one and five-year goals with their supervisors during our annual evaluation period.

If you value a professional environment where you are held accountable, but given the resources to help make your career all you would like it to be – check us out! We are actively hiring, and we are interested in finding new people for our team that look forward to planning for – and growing – their career.