January 4, 2012

Project Interviews

InterviewI am sure many of you have been in this situation before – your customer calls to inform you that your firm has been selected as part of a short list, and are invited to a project interview. As with most firms, your initial reaction is to put together a nice looking presentation telling the customer about your firm and why you are the best to complete this job for them. But is this the right approach?

While it is true that your firm’s strength and unique service offering can be differentiators to set you apart, how do you know if they are relevant for this interview? Faith Technologies has participated in many project interviews over the past 18 months and yet no two interviews were the same.

Faith Technologies has found that each project interview is truly as unique as is each of the projects we are bidding. Much like how jobsite conditions, weather, and building type can change our approach to building a project, the same factors could potentially determine our strategy in securing a project. It is essential to understand our customer’s concerns and what we can do to provide solutions for both.

Take a few minutes to ask the customer – what are your expectations for the interview? How will you make your decision? What would you like to hear from us?

It is very easy to develop a presentation where you talk all about yourself, so remember – it is the customer that is going to make the final decision.