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Selecting One Contractor for Your Technology & Electrical Contracting Needs

Optical FIberThe complexity of modern business requires an electrical contractor to have more resources available to them than ever before. No longer is having knowledge of electricity and being proficient in electrical installation enough. Many applications require expertise in fiber optics, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Ethernet-based sensors and controls, network switches and routers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), servers, IP video, video analytics, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Wi-Fi and the list keeps going on.

In the past, an electrical contractor would only perform the electrical wiring work, and the owner would hire specialty contractors to complete the low voltage work resulting in several separate contractors to complete the total project. This model is no longer effective, as systems have become very integrated.

A contractor needs to have in-house specialists to ensure the coordination of a project, and in the event of a complication, all the resources they need to remedy the situation. This becomes even truer as the installation ages. It may be possible to assemble a team of subcontractors to accomplish the original installation, but assembling them a couple years down the road is increasingly difficult. This can result in slow response times and poor customer satisfaction.

Faith Technologies has developed its team of in-house specialists due to requests from our customers wishing we could take care of all of their needs.  We started out being one of the first electrical contractors to offer in-house low voltage cabling and fiber optic services, but further customer requests led us to develop skills with surveillance cameras, security systems, fire alarm systems, public address and telephone systems. As these systems became more Internet Protocol (IP) based, the company acquired the technical and engineering talent to support them.

Faith Technologies has provided these integrated services for more than 20 years, and is continually evaluating and growing its capabilities in an effort to provide total customer support. Can one call do it all? Well maybe not everything, but you certainly can benefit from a contractor with a wide breath of services and trained specialists in-house.