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Seven Characteristics of Customer-Focused Service Contractors

Customer SatisfactionAs consumers, I think all of us have an appreciation for an exceptional customer experience.  If you could snap your fingers and create the “ideal” service contractor, what exactly would their customer service look like from the customer’s perspective?  It has been our experience that providing good customer service can be a simple thing. If you truly want to have good customer service, be sure your company consistently demonstrates the following: 

  1. Professionalism: The coordinator is friendly, helpful, and prompt in returning phone calls or e-mails, answering questions, and providing pertinent information. The technician is friendly, courteous, and has a professional appearance and demeanor.
  2. Experience: The technician is a certified electrician and has been has been properly trained in the technical competencies required to perform the work safely and proficiently.
  3. Punctuality: The technician arrives on time as promised at the customer’s premises in a clean, company-branded service vehicle and parks to a avoid interference with customer activities.
  4. Credibility: The technician has been background screened and identifies himself/herself to the customer, as a representative of the company with a photo Identification badge. Upon arrival, he/she gives the customer his/her business card with complete contact information.
  5. Respect: The technician is respectful of the customer’s space, wears shoe covers where applicable, and avoids usage of customer’s phone and restroom.
  6. Effective Communication: The technician keeps the customer informed as the work progresses, tests newly-installed products for functionality, and demonstrates product operation to the customer. If applicable, the technician trains the end-user on any new product.
  7. Premises Restoration: The technician cleans up his/her mess and leaves the work area as clean as or cleaner than the original condition.

These characteristics create the perfect recipe for an exceptional customer experience – one that services its customers with the integrity and mandate of the service represented, while at the same time, with the greatest concern for the customer. Only those service contractors that have a strong customer-focused culture will be capable of consistently delivering these characteristics.