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Strong People Build Strong Organizations

Recently during a local networking group meeting, we talked with a personal brand coach. A personal brand is a perception of an individual based on their experience, actions and achievements. This individual did their homework for each person in our group and met with us to talk through positives and constructive feedback about our personal brand. I was curious what impression this person had built about me, and after listening to the feedback my biggest take away was this: there is a perception that people who work for the same employer for long periods of time are not learning or pushing themselves to be better. However in many cases, this perception is far from reality.

More than 20 years ago, I left a small electrical contractor after three months to start with Faith Technologies so that I would be challenged in my work. Since day one I have never stopped learning and continuing to grow. The training we receive is not only technical, but we are also engaged in personal development and leadership training. We have our own apprenticeship program that turns out journeyman electrical workers every year, as well as specialized programs for individuals with leadership goals.

Faith Technologies is a growing company as well. We continue to promote from within and give our employees new challenges as the business grows and we develop in new markets. These new challenges keep our employees engaged and drive personal growth and development. Currently there is a struggle for talent happening in our country and around the world. Skilled workers are leaving the workforce due to the pandemic and retirement. Employers are working feverishly to replace these workers while retaining their valued employees, further verification that longer tenured employees are an important part of organizational success.

What may be missing from an outside perspective is that people who work for one company in our trade learn to solve problems. Each project that we work on is usually different, because each project is typically custom built for the client. There is often a different cast of players for each project, from the owner, general contractor and sub-contractors, and even the internal team is typically different. Each day is a new set of challenges that need to be solved to keep the project on track, including supply chain issues, time and budget constraints, weather concerns or equipment that does not always work the way it should. No two days are the same, and we never stop learning.

I am proud of the time that I have spent with Faith Technologies and the relationships I have been able to build. I have been able to watch buildings start from dirt and come to life and help customers during their greatest time of need. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet people across the country. Loyalty to a company and a purpose should be considered a strength. While continually seeking new opportunities is the right choice for some, many of us are fortunate to continue to learn and thrive with growing, successful organizations. That’s a personal brand you can be proud of.