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The Importance of The Employee Experience

With a skilled labor shortage and a 3.9 percent U.S. unemployment rate, it’s no secret that today’s talent landscape continues to provide its challenges. That’s why it is more critical than ever that companies focus on employee retention and ensuring their employees feel valued. One of the most impactful ways to do this is to ensure that the employee experience is a positive one.

Here are four strategies Faith Technologies has implemented to elevate the employee experience:

  1. Ensure Frequency and Quality of Personal Interactions

People can tell when someone cares about them. By establishing consistent, positive communication touches and taking the time to understand and assist with our employees’ questions, challenges, and goals, we show how much we value them as employees. Today, that is accomplished two-fold:

  • New Hire Touchpoints – Faith Technologies has established 5-, 30- and 60-day touchpoints with new employees. By checking in with them, we are ensuring new employees not only receive support as they are getting acclimated to the organization, but are also laying the foundation for a strong career-long relationship, preparing employees for the day-to-day operations of the business, and promoting our culture and values. Furthermore, our Workforce Managers use the 60-day check-in with their field staff to provide performance feedback and any necessary coaching, and discuss other relevant experiences the employee has had within their first 60 days.
  • Stay Interviews – By having our Talent Business Partners work with leaders to conduct Stay Interviews at 90 days and during the annual review process, we take a proactive approach in reaching out to employees to gauge their level of engagement and address any frustrations before they become bigger issues that could potentially drive them to start looking elsewhere. Having successfully piloted this strategy in 2018, Faith Technologies is eager to formalize the concept in 2019.
  1. Provide Development Opportunities

According to the article Millennials in the Workplace – The Importance of Developing Millennial Leaders, learning and development opportunities are one of the top things millennials are looking for in the workplace. Recognizing that millennials make up 49 percent of Faith’s employee population, we know what a positive impact this can have on the employee experience. Whether it’s our nationally accredited apprenticeship program, our six annual training weeks that offer a mix of employee, safety, and leadership development, our unlimited tuition reimbursement, or the launching of our Faith University earlier this year, development is a strong component of our employee value proposition.

  1. Promote Career Mobility

Employees want new challenges and opportunities to stay engaged in their work, grow their skills, and advance in their careers. When employees, especially millennials, don’t have these opportunities, they begin to search for them elsewhere. At Faith Technologies, we’ve built this into our culture by investing in career management discussions, learning, mentoring, and coaching. In fact, 44 percent of Faith’s employees have experienced some type of career advancement and/or internal mobility within the last year.

  1. Equip Leaders

People leave companies because of their leaders more often than they leave because of their jobs. Ensuring leaders know how to set clear expectations, provide feedback performance, and create an environment where the employee believes he or she can be successful are key to the employee experience. At Faith Technologies, leadership development continues to be a focus as we refine our leadership competencies, conduct 180-degree feedback review sessions, create tailored development plans, and offer targeted learning opportunities to address major competency gaps.

At Faith Technologies, we’re working to ensure our employees are engaged, informed and valued throughout their careers, acting on our core purpose to Create World Class Opportunities to Succeed.