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The Result of Employee Engagement

With our world becoming increasingly smaller due to technology and digital advances, information continues to travel faster than ever, forcing companies to adapt more quickly to remain viable and competitive. As the competitive landscape changes, what are you doing in your business to adapt and stay ahead of your competition?

Faith Technologies has been built on several core values, two of them being teamwork and character. Our employees are the most important asset in our organization and it is imperative we not only grow the skill set of each and every employee but tap into their knowledge base to continue to build a stronger, more effective business. This builds trust with others by demonstrating respect, showing we value our employees’ ideas, and creates transparency. Engaged employees typically are two to three times more productive than disengaged employees.

Faith Technologies’ Excellerate business unit manufactures assemblies and provides all of the tooling and logistical support for the organization. Excellerate’s primary function is to provide a service and value for our projects and customers. In an effort to continuously add more value, while also engaging employees, we consistently focus on continually improving processes to improve safety and quality, reduce complexity, etc. We have done this by implementing several key Lean or Continuous Improvement principles.

The first is our 6S program (Safety, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain). Simply put, “Have a place for everything so everything is in its place”. In addition, we focus on Kaizen or Continuous Improvement through two means, Kaizen Events and Kaizen Implements.

  • Kaizen Event: A group of employees (cross functional team) meeting to improve a process or “change for the better”. This typically begins by documenting reality and identifying waste in the process. The group will plan counter measures, make changes, verify them and, finally, measure results. Once confirmed, a new standard is set.
  • Kaizen Implement: A simple improvement which requires minimal resources or investment to easily improve a work area or work station. This is typically an idea an employee is able to implement on their own and share with the rest of their co-workers and organization to celebrate an accomplishment.

We encourage every employee to be an active participant in these programs for their growth and development by solving everyday problems. In other terms, “think like an engineer.”

Employees are our most important resource and we must engage them every day. Engaged employees allow our organization to continue to build its bench strength and remain viable long term.

How have you been successful with engaging your employees?