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Trust + Confidence = Value

Increased Revenue

Presently, the service industry’s marketplace is very active and competitive, so many companies are wondering: how can I stand out?

I recently participated in an interactive webinar hosted by Nexterna entitled “Creative Ways to Build Service Revenue.” Nexterna creates innovative systems, which deliver improved customer service, reduce operating costs, and increase efficiency of mobile resources for field-based businesses. Participants from a variety of companies were in attendance – from product repair and maintenance, to IT support, and those in construction service.

The webinar covered many topics including generating new revenue streams, creating and marketing value, and strengthening internal procedures; and as I listened to the various strategies shared, I couldn’t help but apply them to Faith Technologies. As our service department grows, I am continually seeking ways to streamline our internal procedures. Faith Technologies is currently piloting three programs to utilize field mobility products. These programs are designed to empower our field staff to seamlessly track time and materials, present cost proposals, and offer cost saving services to our clients.

The webinar hit home on one solitary point – the importance of creating value. Customers each hold their own threshold of value, so this is not always a simple task. It is imperative to really listen to your customer’s needs, ask pertinent questions, work with them on their own ideas, and collaborate to find the best solutions.

Faith Technologies is blessed to have a strong base of loyal customers, and it made me wonder – how do we repay this loyalty? It boils down to confidence. Our employees work every day to earn the trust and confidence our customers place in us. If we can streamline our processes while empowering our field staff to better serve our customers, we have the tools to offer value.

How can your company stand out in a competitive marketplace? Build a solution-based partnership providing the trust and confidence your customers’ value. Doing so is bound to help you build service revenue.