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What’s So Special About Service?

ServiceWhile drafting this blog post, I browsed the Internet in search of content on service. Service is defined by as “an act of helpful activity.” I quickly learned there is no shortage of content on this subject, as I found several articles with titles beginning “Eight Rules…,” “Seven Steps…,” 11 Ways to Beat the Competition,” “Five Secret Weapons…,” etc. Wow, that’s 31 ways to provide top notch service cited in a mere four articles! It leads you to believe there is no single way to provide quality service.

So how do I make our service special to my customers?

I strive to create a synergy between the customer and myself. To earn a customer’s loyalty, I must understand my customer’s evolution, and evolve with them through adaptability. This synergy is built on confidence. My customers must have confidence I am sending qualified personnel, dispatching as scheduled, working safely, and charging them a fair price, etc.

This synergy is not born of contractual language, but rather of relationships between people.

Blair Entenmann, President of Marketing Help!, presented an article titled The Five P’s of Marketing. (For those of you counting, I know… we are now up to 36 ways to provide top notch service.)

The Five P’s identify ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition as we market our products and services. They include:

  • Product / Service:  Your product/service should be unique based on performance, aesthetics, price point, or delivery method making exact price comparisons difficult.
  • Place:  Make your product or service more readily available through internet searches, multiple locations, or extended hours of operation.
  • Price:  Setting your price at levels your customers are willing to pay.
  • Promotion:  Use unique advertising to separate yourself from your competition.
  • People:  Put more qualified people in contact with your customers.

Faith Technologies provides its customers a service, so we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competition through our people – having the right person, for the right task, at the right time.

There is a saying that goes “Get the business on quality and price. Keep the business on service.” It is important to know your customer needs, and what service means to them. Then send them the right person for the job.