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One Menasha Center is an eight-story, 118,200 square foot office tower located downtown Menasha, Wis. adjacent from Faith Technologies headquarter office. Construction began in spring 2016, and similar to many of the general occupancy sites today, this building was built to house multiple business tenants that may or may not have a relationship with each other or similar needs.

Faith Technologies engaged its Integrated Projects Group (IPG) early on to assist with the coordinated management of the interior building layout and the technology, building and environmental control systems. Our IPG team, along with our internal power, lighting, building automation, and specialty electrical systems experts, were critical players in driving value and innovation into every decision while maintaining budget and completing the project nearly a month ahead of schedule.

  • Driving Value by Doing Things Differently: Faith’s IPG involved experts in virtual design, engineering, architecture and manufacturing to promote innovation in the build process such as utilizing modular bus duct versus standard electrical cable and conduit. This allowed our team to perform the work offsite in a controlled environment that leveraged manufacturing labor and repeatability of process. This resulted in higher quality, increased safety, time savings, and material and labor cost savings. Most importantly, the inclusion of modularity within the building systems allows for future changes to be made to adapt to the changing needs of the building users over time.
  • A Hub for Innovation Created by Breaking the Mold: As a hub for innovation, Faith Technologies’ space needed to remain flexible, promote collaboration and place employees and customers first. With a focus on dynamic, open-floor layout and floor-to-ceiling windows leveraging the spectacular views, Faith’s spaces were built for adaptability, change, and team collaboration. Deliberate placement of interior offices, the inclusion of multiple collaboration spaces throughout every floor, and thoughtful planning (which reserved the top floor for customers and employees), resulted in a leading-edge innovation center with a synergistic, “people-first” focus.
  • Expertise: Having technical experts within Faith’s electrical specialty systems team provided One Menasha Center with practical, easy-to-use technology, flexible lighting, and integrated user interface throughout the building. Additionally, Faith’s automation and process control (APC) live lab optimized building power usage by leading the design and installation of a full building energy management system that has optimized energy usage, and significantly reduced monthly energy costs. Finally, and most importantly, our design team ensured that all of the practical solutions we applied were constructed with the safest processes in mind.

One Menasha Center has successfully become Faith Technologies’ Innovation Center, and today is a showcase for our continuous improvement and innovation in the energy market.



Menasha Downtown Development, LLC

General Contractor

Miron Construction


Menasha, WI


118,200 square feet