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ONEOK Field – Tulsa Driller’s Stadium

Manhattan Construction Company needed an electrical contractor that had the traditional skills of electrical design and installation, coupled with innovative tools that would insure the $2.8 million project would get done on time, within budget, and most importantly – an electrical contractor who could deliver while keeping safety as their highest priority. Faith Technologies was chosen for the project not solely for our electrical abilities, but also for our impeccable safety record, proven results on fast-track design-build projects, on-staff electrical engineering, and on-staff Computer-Aided Design (CAD) department.

Once we were awarded the project, there was no time to be lost (the project length was January 2009 through April 2010). The design team was assembled and introduced to Populous and to one another. Weekly coordination meetings were scheduled and adhered to. The pace was set and the design started taking shape. Faith Technologies’ scope of work was the electrical system, lighting, telephone/data/communications, fire alarm, sports lighting system, and conduit raceways for all other systems.

Faith Technologies’ electrical engineers worked very closely with Populous, Manhattan Construction Company, and various other subcontractors to develop the electrical distribution and telecommunications infrastructure design. Upon completion of the infrastructure design, we began to design the lighting system.

Upon substantial completion of the design; construction was well underway. While crews were on site installing conduit, our prefabrication teams were busy behind the scenes. Our CAD department delivered detailed drawings to prefabrication teams, who produced assemblies for the final installation crews. This method of construction increased the overall efficiency of the project and helped the field installers keep up with overall construction progress.

Communication, coordination, and teamwork were paramount during the construction phase. Cognizant of the inherent dangers of fast track construction, Faith Technologies took a proactive approach to both safety and quality control. During the peak of construction we placed a special emphasis on performing daily safety huddles as well as daily inspections of tools, equipment and PPE. Special provisions were made to allow our field installation team time to attend continuing education classes in our safety training program. Daily quality control inspections were performed on our installations to minimize re-work.

After completion of our scope of work for the base building, but just prior to opening day, some major changes were made to accommodate a change in plans for the food vendors. This resulted in a significant change to the electrical system upon which these vendors rely. We re-mobilized immediately with a 14-man crew who worked 12 hour days to complete these changes. On the evening of April 8, 2010 Tulsa Driller fans poured into their new stadium to cheer for their team in their new home. The Faith Technologies team was on duty behind the scenes, poised and ready to handle any unforeseen electrical problems. Fortunately, there were none.



Tulsa Stadium Trust

General Contractor

Manhattan Construction


Tulsa, OK


300,000+ square feet