The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is a facility designed to stage several types of events. The Center’s main stage is full size and state-of-the-art. The audience chamber is New York style and holds 2,100 seats. The second stage, which is separated with an acoustic joint and special construction methods to eliminate transfer of sound, holds approximately 450 seats. A theatrical consultant was hired to insure no details were overlooked.

Faith Technologies portion of the work was done utilizing design-build, with the lighting, theatrical systems and equipment design completed eleven months after the start of construction. The project scope included a distribution system main gear of 3000 Amp, a house lighting and production lighting system of 2500 Amps fed through a special transformer then through 5000 Amp bus to the lighting distribution gear located in the dimmer room.

A chandelier was custom built on-site around the main beam using brass and ¾ -inch plate glass. The chandelier was 74 feet long and 12 feet at its widest point. It has 200 90watt lamps on 12 dimmer circuits. It is 50 feet above the audience chamber floor. Much of the lighting throughout the facility had to be plotted on the floor then laser leveled to the ceiling because ceilings, walls and floors pitched and were run on radiuses.



Susan Stockton

General Contractor

The Boldt Company


Appleton, WI


147,000 square feet