Faith Technologies was proud to be part of this new innovative healthcare facility. The Neuroscience Center is a community-oriented, community-based, physician owned and directed, clinically integrated, multi-specialty center focused on comprehensive diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system and chronic pain. The 39,000-square-foot, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certified facility has several features and processes geared toward helping our environment such as solar panels, water-saving bathroom fixtures and energy-saving lighting arrangements.

Faith Technologies effectively implemented all the electrical sustainable measures including energy-efficient lighting, day lighting control and a photovoltaic system in addition to the fire alarm, security, access control and telecommunications systems. Below is a description of each of the sustainable features implemented by Faith Technologies:

Energy Efficient Lighting: The energy efficient fixtures selected for this project enhanced the nature-bases aesthetic design while minimizing energy and operational costs. The fixtures used on this project include LED cove lighting, which utilizes only 2.5W per linear foot, and exterior LED area lighting that utilizes half the power of traditional HID lighting.

Day Lighting Control: The run time of the lobby and multipurpose room lighting is substantially reduced by the installation of programmable daylight controllers.

Photovoltaic System: An 11.5KW grid-tied photovoltaic system will generate an estimated 11,000 KWh per year. Due to the tight schedule, we completed installation of this roof-mounted system in December, despite sub-zero temperatures.



Neuroscience Group of Northeast Wisconsin

General Contractor

Miron Construction


Neenah, WI


39,000 square feet