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Project Vortex

In early 2016, Project Vortex, a 200,000 square foot data center based in Kansas, was constructed.

Due to this project’s size, scope, and budget, Holder Construction, the general contractor, chose Faith Technologies’ mission critical team to assist.

From the beginning, the project faced some challenges, including unanticipated and extensive rock excavation, which pushed back our start date by six weeks. Since the overall project completion date could not be delayed, we leveraged innovative solutions in areas such as preconstruction efficiencies through planning and technology, off-site manufactured assemblies, and overall, thinking differently to discover and implement new, time saving approaches. Increased efficiencies and meeting the aggressive schedule and budget goals, made this project a flagship win for both Holder and our mission critical experts.

Leveraging Preconstruction
With all of the cross-trade teams for Project Vortex focused on the same goal – to complete the project on time and under budget – it made Faith Technologies’ decision to utilize key preconstruction tools for efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately time and budget, an intuitive choice. Since we were involved early, the ability to bring all of these preconstruction tools into action created a cascading effect on the total job cost and completion schedule.

Optimization through Manufactured Assemblies
When assemblies are manufactured off-site, tangible results are realized. At Project Vortex, this resource had a direct impact on the jobsite by reducing labor by 10 percent, and creating a five percent cost savings in labor fees alone. In addition, the reduced jobsite clutter, optimized procurement and planning, and manufacturing efficiencies helped to reduce the total project schedule by 12 percent.

Thinking Differently
While statistics and trends show the construction industry is slow to change as a whole, our team embraced and challenged every traditional process at Project Vortex, constantly searching for efficiency opportunities.

Our Kansas City branch and mission critical team worked collaboratively to strengthen one another, and our project managers identified and selected key field personnel to be responsible for specific scopes of work within the project. This created expert alignment in key areas, and drove personal ownership and motivation for the individuals involved.

Our team members engaged in continuous dialog with both project specific and general support teams including preconstruction, operations, productivity and safety. These consistent touch points were integral to the team’s ability to successfully stay on schedule and under budget.

The consistent application of thinking differently created a competitive edge for Faith Technologies, and was exemplified in Project Vortex.


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200,000 square feet