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University of Oklahoma, Four Partners Place

Four Partners Place is a multi-tenant office facility owned by the University of Oklahoma. It has been designed to achieve LEED® certification, and includes a 13,000 square foot Tier III Embedded Data Center, which will consolidate the University’s high performance and mission critical computing assets into a dedicated and secure facility.

The project includes a 15kVA, 200A feeder providing primary service for two 2500kVA transformers. In addition, this feeder provides primary service to 750kVA transformers for the building power. The data center power features two utility switchboards feeding the 2500A to the UPS output switchboards A and B. This is accomplished through a combination of five UPS units, which also supply the bypass power for each switchboard.

The utility switchboards serve with emergency power from three 1500kW diesel generator units. These units are designed with a paralleling switchboard that allows the system to provide N+1 generator power to the data center. The paralleling switchboard is sized to accommodate a fourth generator for anticipated future growth.

Four Partners Place also has a full distribution system for the building with a 750kW EM generator. Faith Technologies is provided the utility transformers, all the gear, UPS units, distribution panels, auto transformers, raceways for BAS and data, and a full fire alarm system. All MEP raceway piping, panels, and equipment were modeled utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM). The detailing and coordination were used for all building systems, structures, and site installations.



Norman, OK


75,000 square feet