Tushaus Computer Services wanted to expand their data center services and cloud computing options with the addition of a new data center in Appleton, WI. Tushaus worked with us from the project’s initial concept to its final commissioning. In doing so, we were able to market a best-in-class facility that incorporates both great design and energy efficiency.

By working together from the very start of the project, Tushaus was able to utilize our experience and expertise to define their key project objectives. The project objectives included modular power distribution, redundant power, maximum cabinet density, and energy efficiency. After a detailed site assessment, we were able to quickly iterate on multiple design options using advanced 3D models of the data center. These designs included options for both hot and cold aisle containment, multiple overhead or in‐row power distribution options, and several layouts.

Our scope of work included: full design‐build including project design, engineering, and the installation of N+1 UPS and CRACs, 500kW Generator and ATS, modular power distribution and all electrical panels and branch circuits.

*Project completed by CSS Power, a company acquired by Faith Technologies in 2013.



Tushaus Computer Services

General Contractor

CSS Power


Appleton, WI